Free Yourself Momma

Hey there Mother Goddess!

Either you're a new momma, mommy-to-be or looking to build your mini empire someday - I welcome you. 

You're here because you've been experiencing:

  • Self guilt around not being emotionally available or even showing aggression towards your little ones or spouse
  • Drained energy from over-giving and under-nurturing yourself 
  • Seeing yourself only as "mommy", the emotional support of your household, and no longer as an individual with her own sense of self & likes

I understand, Momma, as I have been right there in your shoes.

The shame, sadness and stress of feeling like you aren't good enough and aren't doing enough

Well, let me tell you something that may sound contradictory - being able to show up better for your family STARTS. WITH. YOU.

Yes, you have to keep your self care cup overflowing in order to pour into those you love WITHOUT becoming drained and stressed.

An empty cup is what leads to:

  • Unwarranted aggression 
  • Guilt after the explosion
  • Lack of boundaries and sense of self 
  • Poor Health

And that's why I created Free Yourself Momma, a 1-on-1 coaching program.

Allow me to empower you to find peace in the chaos that is motherhood, heal the wounded mother within you, and create a solid self care plan so that you can show up for better yourself and then radiate onto to those around you . 


Check out what we'll discuss below ⬇

Painting Your Picture

To set the tone for our developing client-coach relationship, we will determine and set the goals for the months to come. As a part of step 1, we will dive deep into your core values and create S.M.A.R.T actions towards your goal. I will help you tap into the power of manifestation through mindset shifting and visualization techniques to put yourself in the space of the achieved goal.

Inner Child Healing

In order to show up in a healthy manner as a parent, it is important to heal your own inner child archetype. A wounded inner child can act out in different ways like sensitivity to criticism, jealousy, withholding emotional support and self sabotage. We will determine how your inner child may be acting out and work through soothing that inner child to reduce these harmful behaviors.

Holistic Self Care

Throughout our time together, we will discuss different self care rituals and routines that you can begin to keep your resilience cup full. When you pour into yourself, you are then able to pour into others. When I say holistic, I mean an individual as a whole - mind, body & spirit. With my knowledge of Ayurveda, I will determine your dosha using a dosha quiz. Once your dosha is established, I will be able to guide you to a personalized self care system for optimal wellness.

Boundary Setting

I will help you redefine yourself as an individual, separate from your partner and/or children. We will explore the you before your new title and reconnect with that individual on a deeper level. I will help you draw boundaries that put you in charge of your well-being and that embody self love. By setting strong boundaries, you begin to feel confident and secure in yourself.

Archetypal Psychology

I will guide you through healing the Mother archetype that became wounded either through your past relationship with your own mother or how you perceived the role of a mother should be defined. We will determine what this archetype needs from you to express itself in a healthy manner and also work through releasing any "mom guilt" you may have accumulated.

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