Life Coaching 

I obtained my Life Coaching certification through the Life Coach Training Institute. My trainer, Paul Dabdoud, provided me with the training on how to actively listen and ask powerful questions to guide my client to her own wisdom for solving a problem. I will provide my client with strategies to work through transforming her limiting beliefs and crafting an individualized S.M.A.R.T game plan to reach her goals. 

Self Love Coaching 

I obtained my Self Love Coaching certification through the Self Love Lifestyle. Under the teachings of pioneer Self Love Coach, Melanie Monaco, I learned the 5 pillars of self love and how to incorporate them into daily life. I obtained many tools to enhance a self love practice like manifestation, spiritual practices, intuitive eating, mindful movement and so much more. Self love is more than bubble baths and girls-trip retreats and through your Self Love Breakthrough Session, you can receive step by step guidance to the beginning of your self love journey.


Spirituality Coach

I obtained my certification as a Spirituality Coach through The KEW Training Academy from Dr. Karen E. Wells. As a Spirituality Coach, I will guide my client to their own inner truth and assist them in finding inner peace. I will inform my client on the importance of maintaining "energetic wellness" and how their metaphysical body affects the wellness of the physical body. 

Reiki I

I obtained my Reiki I Shoden certification through Joanna Bardol at Star Therapies. Reiki healers receive the Reiki through an attunement from their Reiki Master. This energy flows from the hands of the practitioner to the client to balance any energetic imbalances that may be causing illness. Through this course, I expanded my knowledge on the chakra system, the energetic framework responsible for how the life force energy flows through our bodies and its impact on our health. I also studied the Japanese origins of Reiki, how to detect energetic imbalances, and how to apply Reiki. I am currently studying to receive my Reiki II Okuden certification to practice Reiki at the professional level.

Emotional Intelligence

I have completed training on how to identity emotional immaturity as well as cultivate emotional intelligence. My instructor, Barry Winbolt, provided me with education on the 5 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence as well as different practices one can begin to grow emotional maturity. I will coach my client through proper emotion management which will build confidence in herself along with setting the foundation for healthy relationships. 


I received a certification that displays my education on the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, the science of life. Ayurveda is an ancient holistic wellness system that is still in use to this day (being around for over 5,000 years). Ayurveda has also been recognized by the WHO for use in the medical field. Under the teachings of Pablo and Mariana, I have learned how to apply different therapeutic techniques based on an individual's dosha, the internal energy that tends to imbalance easily. I have an understanding of how to implement the 5 pillars of a heathy life (rest, movement, meditation, food, & emotional wellbeing) to create a happy, whole and fulfilling life.